Tips for the Transition to Online Learning

Tips for the Transition to Online Learning

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This last week has been stressful, to say the least. Between news of a global pandemic reaching the United States and the resulting uprooting of college life as you knew it, the tension in the air at Hilbert has been palpable at times. After working around the clock, our faculty and staff members are waking up this morning to a new week and the opportunity for fresh perspectives. Our motto, “See Different”, is fitting for a time such as this. While this is certainly different from anything any of us are accustomed to, we are optimistic that our Hilbert Hawk community will rise to the occasion and find a way to soar with the transition to online learning.

Here are a few helpful tips that will allow you to do just that:

  1. Give yourself a peaceful, quiet learning space. Clear clutter to the best of your ability and remember to take a few moments to quiet your mind before diving into your coursework for the day. We recommend closing out of browser tabs that could cause distraction (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) in order to focus yourself on the task(s) at hand.
  2. Get dressed, but stay comfortable. Studies have shown that getting dressed and ready for the day actually makes you more productive. No one expects you to win any “Best Dressed” awards, but taking a few extra minutes to get yourself up and around for the day can do wonders for your mindset!
  3. Ask for help whenever you need it. Just as we hope you would feel comfortable raising your hand in class or staying after for a quick one-on-one with your professor(s), please don’t hesitate to ask for help while learning virtually. The Hilbert College faculty is, and always will be, willing to go above and beyond for our students. Your success is a top priority!
  4. Give yourself time to adjust. As is true with most change, it will likely take a bit of time for you to get accustomed to this new format of learning. Give yourself grace and allow yourself breaks to sit back, take a breath, and refocus.
  5. Remember we are here for you. Like our students, we are learning as we go during this unprecedented situation. We have created a helpful FAQ page on our website as well as a form to submit questions, should you have any surrounding campus news and updates.

If you are struggling with your academic course load with the virtual transition, many online resources are available to you, including live office hours with faculty members, tutoring, and library services.  Please contact Academic Services or Accessibility Services for more information.

Stay well!

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