See Different Opportunities: Study Abroad

See Different Opportunities: Study Abroad

hilbert college study abroad student mackenzi white

My name is Mackenzi White and I am currently studying abroad at the University of Limerick, Ireland for my Spring 2020 semester. I’ve wanted to study abroad in Ireland since I was in high school and was lucky enough to learn that Hilbert College had their own program to do so. The most important thing to know if interested in studying abroad is to keep your electives open for credit. Students can take classes in their major but it’s always fun to have the opportunity to expand into subjects that Hilbert may not offer.

At Hilbert, I major in criminal justice but abroad, I am taking classes in Law, Reproductive Health, Irish History and Irish Folklore. The class options are endless and with over 15,000 students, University of Limerick offers a variety of subjects.

The most difficult part of studying abroad is choosing which location!

Study Abroad can also be affordable, as any scholarships received at Hilbert can be directly used to pay for other countries’ tuition costs. All programs differ in their tuition costs and GPA requirements so if you’re interested in a particular country, make sure to save up money and look at the minimum GPA admission.

Studying abroad is an exciting experience that not many students take the opportunity to experience. It’s a lot of planning and decision making, especially as a student who has never even been to Europe before, like myself. While the logistics of living abroad might seem overwhelming, signing up for your study abroad journey is actually quite simple. Students can study abroad for a year, for the fall or spring semester, and even for the summer. Internships are also available to students abroad that can build up a student’s resume and give insight into another culture’s work environments. Studying abroad is so enjoyable that even my roommate from the U.S. is planning on coming back for the masters program in Ireland!

Another perk of studying abroad? Traveling is relatively cheap and its not unusual to have abroad students travel all over Europe on their weekends and middle semester breaks. Not only will students learn about their local country’s culture but get to travel all over Europe in their free time! 

Studying abroad is both an exciting and memorable experience that students can take with them through college and into their future careers. No matter what major a student is taking, there is always a place for them to grow and learn in another country. Fortunately for Hilbert students, there are over 10 different countries to chose from. The most difficult part of studying abroad is choosing which location!

– Mackenzi White

You don’t have to be a Hilbert student to experience the beautiful sights of Ireland! Learn more about the Celtic Delight Tour hosted by Hilbert College President Dr. Brophy and Mrs. Tara Brophy from July 28-August 5!

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