Post-Election Forum at Hilbert

Post-Election Forum at Hilbert

Members of the Hilbert Community —

In the wake of the election on Tuesday, I want to remind us all of the importance of community here at Hilbert.

Some of us are shocked, discouraged, and frightened by the results, while others of us are pleased and excited. Both of these responses are natural – the United States is passing through a very challenging time politically, with many of us holding strong convictions about various issues that are reflected in our feelings today. As the election campaign has shown, it is easy to let these convictions divide us.

It would be foolish to pretend that we do not have our differences, some of which are intense and passionate. But we are a Franciscan community brought together by a shared purpose, and this must never be forgotten.

After this tumultuous political season, it is now time for Americans to work together for the common good, and to redouble their efforts to do what is best for our country and for one another. A college, our college, has a special role in continuing to bring out the best in each person, in holding strong the Franciscan values we believe in: service, respect, compassion, peace, joy, integrity, and vision. At Hilbert, we have the opportunity to model good citizenship through civil and thoughtful dialogue, asking questions and seeking truth.

On November 10 at 1:30 pm in the Library Conference Room, I invite you to discuss and process the election outcome with Hilbert colleagues, facilitated by Dr. Kris Lantzky-Eaton, Dr. Jim Golden, Ahyana King, and Jeff Papia. Please consider attending and engaging in this important conversation.

Cynthia Zane

Hilbert College

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