Hilbert Journalism Practicum Students on the Campaign Trail

Hilbert Journalism Practicum Students on the Campaign Trail

Hilbert students have been doing great work in their Journalism Practicum course taught by Dan Higgins.  Some of them recently attended the presidential campaign rallies held in Buffalo. They’ve attended Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders rallies and will be looking to attend the Ted Cruz and Donald Trump rallies coming up. They were also able to provide their coverage of the Bernie Sanders rally to the news weekly The Public. A video of the talk by Sanders has now shown up twice on their website in two days of news. It’s embedded in an analysis piece about Sanders’s visit here:

Five student Journalist attended the Bernie rally, and all certainly will attest to being forever changed by these sort of events.

“This is the experiential learning opportunities that separates us from our competitors,” says Prof. Chris Gallant of the Digital Media and Communication department. “We look to make sure each student has access to opportunities such as these so that they know what the field is like and that they know how to conduct themselves in that environment. Covering a rally with 10,000 people can be a bit overwhelming, you know.” Gallant says that despite the packed arena of Bernie supporters, the students worked together as a cohesive team of journalists. Their work will become available on the student news website Look for updates there.

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