Hawks at Home: Student Athlete Grace Zabawa

Hawks at Home: Student Athlete Grace Zabawa

When Freshman hooper Grace Zabawa heard that classes and sports would be canceled for the remainder of the semester in an effort to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, she knew she would have to figure out a new plan to stay active. Without the rigor of a basketball practice schedule and the facilities at Hafner Recreation Center available to her, the freshman guard knew she would have to get creative. We caught up with her to ask how she is working out while safe at home.

Q: What is your typical workout routine since we have started distance learning?

A: At home, I typically work out in any open space I can, using a yoga mat. I have limited equipment so most of my workouts are things such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc. I do incorporate equipment when I can as I have a few dumbbells and kettlebells at my house. I also do cardio as much as I can; I live in an area with plenty of hills and including a ravine in the woods behind my house which makes for a great hike!

Q: Have you found that working out helps with any of the stir crazy feelings you might have being at home?

A: For me, a routine is very important. I have a workout schedule constructed and it helps me feel productive and less lonely or out of touch for sure.

Q: Have you come up with any creative workouts using household items or other things you have laying around?

A: For basketball workouts (specifically ball-handling) I use a basketball with a plastic bag wrapped around it to increase difficulty which is something my coach Amy Senefelder taught me. I also have a few flower pots that weigh more than the weights I own which I can use for weight when I squat.

Q: Being a basketball player, do you have a hoop at home? How much are you shooting or playing with family members?

A: I do have a hoop at home, and I do shooting drills regularly. My sister and brother both played basketball in their past, so oftentimes when I am shooting they will join in for a game of PIG or HORSE!

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