Pinning Ceremony | PHOTO GALLERY

The 2019 Graduate Pinning Ceremony took place on March 28. An alumni reception was held in honor of Hilbert’s new President, Dr. Michael Brophy, and following the reception, the accomplishments of Hilbert’s graduate program students were celebrated during the annual Pinning Ceremony.



Tuesday nights speaker Hilbert’s President Dr. Brophy. Performed a wonderful piano composition followed by a showing of his very own documentary.

Agape Latte the name is derived from the Greek word for the selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love of God (agape). It is a speaker series program that gives Hilbert College students an opportunity to engage in caffeinated conversations about the intersection between faith and real life.

Several times a semester, a leader on campus from the faculty, staff, or administration, shares a story about their own faith journey and invites students to reflect on their own life. Students enjoy coffee, desserts, coffee-house style music, and hear unique stories about friendship, hope, struggle, forgiveness, faith, and relationships in an inviting, casual atmosphere. All are welcome!

Lasertron Lock-In | PHOTO GALLERY

Students were taken to Lasertron in Amherst for a midnight – 7 am lock-in experience. Including unlimited games of lasertag and cybersport which is a game where you ride on a motorized car that combines hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. Food was served and this year we have added arcade credit. 
Part of the Hawks Take Flight program. Each event is geared towards residential students to see areas around Buffalo that they might not have the chance to experience. Almost all of our events hold up to 50 participants and include snacks, transportation, and FUN!

The Hawks have landed!

Graduate Research Projects | PHOTO GALLERY

Unique to the Hilbert graduate curriculum is an integrated research project threaded throughout the program. Unlike most graduate programs that ask for a final semester thesis, the Hilbert program allows for a more thorough application of theory and research since the project starts early in the program. The research acts as a foundation upon which to ground and challenge theory to a practical application, culminating in a final capstone major project.