Ya Gotta Love a Llama | PHOTO GALLERY

Ahh… such majestic creatures. Alpaca sandwich and spend some time with these furry friends.

Who Doesn’t Llove Llamas??

To help relieve stress during the end of the semester, Hilbert College brought in some more four legged stress relievers…this time in the form of Llamas! Students, faculty, and staff had fun petting both of the llamas and many selfies were taken!

Read about last week’s special guests here: https://community.hilbert.edu/2019/04/11/puppy-power-photo-gallery/


Whats better than passing a test? Whats better than sleeping in? And most certainly, what’s better than a five-page essay?

Well dogs of course! To help reduce some end-of-the semester stress, Hilbert “released the hounds” to lighten up the day. Students were able to give these good dogs all the cuddles they could handle.

A big thank you goes out to Paws for Love, as well as the volunteers, faculty, staff, and students that helped make this event a success!

Pinning Ceremony | PHOTO GALLERY

The 2019 Graduate Pinning Ceremony took place on March 28. An alumni reception was held in honor of Hilbert’s new President, Dr. Michael Brophy, and following the reception, the accomplishments of Hilbert’s graduate program students were celebrated during the annual Pinning Ceremony.