Bert to Hawks: Bert Needs Your Help!

Bert to Hawks: Bert Needs Your Help!

Usually Bert is very busy, but we were able to get some pictures of him enjoying our new spaces in Fran Hall, including the Hawkade and The Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. Bert loves the new additions on campus and hopes students do too. Bert has an important message for faculty, students, and staff that he would like us to share. The Giving Tree is up in Fran and he needs your help this holiday season. Hilbert is sponsoring two families that need help purchasing gifts this Christmas. The process is simple: just take a piece of paper off the tree and buy the item on the paper. Once it is wrapped, take it to the president’s office upstairs in Fran where it will then be delivered to the family in need. Lets come together Hilbert community to help others enjoy their Christmas season!

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