Are 4+1 Programs Worth It? Learn How an Accelerated Degree Can Transform Your Education

Are 4+1 Programs Worth It? Learn How an Accelerated Degree Can Transform Your Education

In today’s demanding job market, holding a master’s degree can be the key to landing higher-paid positions. Yet going back to school for two to three years after spending four years in an undergrad program can feel discouraging. Many schools are developing accelerated programs that help students earn their degrees faster. The 4+1 degree program is an example of such an accelerated degree. 

Hilbert College offers several 4+1 programs for your consideration. Determine if this type of program is right for you by learning more about it. 

What is a 4+1 Program?

A 4+1 program allows you to earn your bachelor’s degree and your master’s degree in a combined effort. Through one of these programs, some of your coursework overlaps, so you can earn the two degrees in a total of five years, rather than spending six or seven years in school. This can be highly beneficial for students who know they will eventually be getting a graduate degree or who need a graduate degree for entry-level positions in their field.

Because these accelerated degree programs seamlessly transition from the bachelor’s to the master’s degree, they do not require students to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Benefits of 4+1 Programs

Is a 4+1 program worth it? Why should you consider a bachelor’s and master’s 4+1 program for your degree? There are many benefits to these programs, including these four:

1.      Saving Time

First, you will save time. Getting the degree you need in five years instead of seven means you can start your career faster. Students receive the same credentials and education but spend less time doing so.

2.      Saving Money

Spending less time in school means spending less money on school. Even if you’re spending the same amount on the actual degrees, you won’t be spending as much money on room and board, books, and other fees, because you will finish the degree more quickly.

3.      Increased Income Potential

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, someone with a master’s degree earns $249 more per week than someone with a bachelor’s degree alone. That is nearly $1,000 more per month. Someone with a bachelor’s degree earns $361 more per week than someone with just an associate degree, which is over $1,400 per month. The combined degree earned with a 4+1 degree has higher income potential across the board.

4.      More Opportunities

Holding a master’s degree opens the door to more job opportunities. This degree is often the base degree required for higher-paying roles and positions. Even if it’s not a requirement, having this degree makes your application and resume more appealing to potential employers. Being able to achieve it in just one year after finishing a bachelor’s degree program makes it easier than ever to apply for these types of benefits.

 Hilbert’s 4+1 Programs

Hilbert College remains dedicated to providing learning experiences that benefit our students where they are and prepare them for the futures they’re dreaming about. To help those interested in a 4+1 program, we have developed several programs that offer this option. These include:

4+1 in Criminal Justice

Hilbert College ranks among the top 20 for our Criminal Justice program. Our 4+1 program is a combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree. It provides practical, real-world experience in law enforcement through internships in state and national agencies. After graduating with a criminal justice degree, and with relevant training and certifications, students can pursue careers in many fields, including:

  • Police Officer
  • Detective
  • Bomb Squad Commander
  • Corrections Officer
  • Police Captain

Graduate-level training means more opportunities for leadership roles in these fields.

4+1 in Forensic Science | CSI

Criminal investigation takes a keen eye and attentiveness to details. The Hilbert 4+1 Forensic Science | CSI degree program teaches students how to better use their powers of observation to investigate crime scenes.

This program is designed to provide many hours of hands-on instruction both in the classroom and via a dedicated forensic lab with mock crime scene rooms, as well as through internships. The 4+1 program allows students to earn an undergraduate in forensic science and crime scene investigation with a graduate degree in criminal justice administration. Potential career paths for the 4+1 Forensic Science | CSI degree include:

  • Fingerprint Tech
  • Special Agent
  • Lab Specimen Tech
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  •  Forensics Lab Tech

4+1 Human Services

At Hilbert, students can also pursue a 4+1 in Human Services. This degree starts with an undergrad in human services followed by a Master of Public Administration: Health Administration. Students can choose from six concentrations to help them pursue specific training that fits their needs. Graduates of this accelerated program can find careers assisting people dealing with mental health issues, substance abuse problems, and family concerns. They will learn ethics, counseling, and communication in their degree programs. Some career paths to consider with this degree include:

  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Mental Health Specialist
  • Medicaid Service Coordinator
  • Case Manager

4 + 1 Political Science

A 4+1 program in Political Science from Hilbert delivers a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in public administration. These students learn the skills needed to become political and government leaders. They also develop strong analytical skills, so they are equipped to analyze information and use that information to support informed decisions. Some career options to consider include:

  •  National Security Agent
  •  Careers in Politics
  • Careers in Government
  •  Human Rights Activists

Start Your 4+1 Degree Program Today with Hilbert College

If you are interested in pursuing a 4+1 program, consider enrolling at Hilbert College. Learn what Hilbert can do for you by contacting admissions or clicking here for more information.


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