5 Salary Benefits of Earning an MPA

5 Salary Benefits of Earning an MPA

Earning a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree online is a great way to expand job offerings and work toward increasing your earning potential. This advanced degree provides you with multiple career paths to consider. While some of these career paths are in the public or government sector, others are in the private sector. From nonprofit organization managers to emergency managers and government administrators, you will find a diverse range of jobs to explore. So, if you are thinking about pursuing one of the many jobs available to someone with an MPA, make sure to keep these five benefits in mind.  

1.      Expanded Career Options 

Having a master’s degree expands your potential career and salary options in public administration. Whether you already work or want to work in nonprofit management, financial management, government administration, public management, or human resources management, you will find a diverse range of opportunities available. A MPA salary can range considerably within these career paths, but you can expect your earning potential overall to be higher.

2.      Job Sector Changes 

One of the options available for boosting your earning potential is switching to a different sector. For example, you can go from earning less at a nonprofit organization to earning more with a job in a different part of the private sector. If you prefer working in the public sector, you’ll also find opportunities available that allow you to switch to a different career path. With a master’s degree, you might also come across jobs that provide you with the chance to work in a global or international position. This can broaden your career path while also increasing your salary.

3.      Improved Hiring Opportunities 

When you have an MPA, you might find it easier to pursue the job you want at your desired salary. Having this degree puts you ahead of the competition when companies or organizations sort through resumes during the hiring process. An MPA can help you get noticed for an improved chance of being contacted for an interview. Instead of having your resume become lost in a stack of other resumes, hiring managers are more likely to move yours to the top.

4.      Contractor Opportunities

If you prefer working for yourself or if you want to focus mainly on helping companies, organizations, or government entities, contracting or consulting can be a good way to achieve your goals and gain more control over how much you make. With a master’s degree in public administration, you can work as a contractor or a consultant for a wide range of clients. This kind of job involves using your own experience, as well as the skills and knowledge you’ve learned during your degree program, while working with clients in various sectors and fields. If you’re able to handle working on multiple long-term and short-term projects, a consultant or contractor job offers a way to increase your earning potential.

5.      Federal Government Opportunities

If you enjoy working in a government position with a public administration degree, keep in mind that a master’s can help you get a federal government job that ends up paying more. You might start out working in lower-paying positions in your local or state government, which usually have a more limited earning potential. Moving to a federal position as an administrator can significantly increase your earning potential.

Average Public Administration Salary Information

What can you expect to make with a degree in public administration? This depends partly on the type of job you get and whether you work in the public or private sector. Overall, salaries for Master of Public Administration jobs in the public sector range from $35,000 to $100,000 or higher. On average, the salary for these jobs comes in roughly between $60,000 and $68,000.

If you decide to work in the private sector with an MPA, the average salary is about the same as the average salary in the public sector. However, keep in mind that some organizations or companies might not pay as much in the private sector, such as a nonprofit organization with limited funding.

As examples of the salary increases you can expect from various public administration jobs, consider that a financial manager with a master’s can earn around $117,000 per year. A chief executive officer with this degree can earn roughly $185,000 per year, while a Human Resources manager might make around $104,000 annually with an MPA.

Bachelor’s vs. Master’s Degree Salary Information

If you have a bachelor’s degree in public administration or another field, your earning potential is lower than it would be with a master’s degree. For example, the average salary with a bachelor’s degree is roughly $50,000 a year compared to around $60,000 to $68,000 with a master’s degree. Getting your degree means you’ll be able to expand your opportunities and qualify for Master of Public Administration jobs. You might also be able to move up and earn more within your organization or company if you already have a public administration job.If you are interested in earning a Master of Public Administration degree, consider Hilbert College. Please contact admissions today to learn more about what Hilbert can do for you or click here for more information on our degree programs.

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