3 Residence Hall Hacks

3 Residence Hall Hacks

Moving in to a new place always comes with a learning curve. Especially when paired with a busy  new class schedule, settling in to living on campus can be a tedious process. While we can’t promise your new living arrangements will feel exactly like home, there are a few simple ways to make yourself comfortable faster in your new residence hall digs.

Here are our top 3 Residence Hall Hacks:

  1. Organization is key. A simple desk organizer, closet storage, and shower caddy system can go a long way in making things more “home-y,” not to mention clutter-free! Luckily the rooms and suites here at Hilbert are plenty spacious, but they seem even bigger and you’ll feel less anxiety when everything has its place!
  2. Make it efficient. It’s important to establish healthy study and living habits right away. To help make your residence hall room more efficient, consider setting up different spaces for both study and leisure. If you’re most productive sitting at your desk, de-clutter cords with alligator clips and be sure to save plenty of space for notebooks, worksheets, textbooks, etc. If you’d rather work from the comfort of a lounge or propped in your bed, a lap desk is a great item to have (especially for late night study sessions down the road!).
  3. Give it character. There are, of course, a few limitations on what you can do to your room (no painting the walls, for instance), but there are plenty of ways to make your new space your own. Display your favorite photos, bring a favorite lamp and bedding, coordinate with your roommate’s side by bringing in a decorative rug. The possibilities are nearly endless and a touch of personal style will go a long way in making your room cozy and comfortable!

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