Cyber Challenge Team at Hilbert

IMG_0530With an eye to starting a cyber-team at Hilbert, Professor Alan Katerinsky of CSIA was part of a group of IT industry professionals that assisted in the Qualifying round of the Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NECCDC) at University at Buffalo on Saturday, Jan. 31.  The UB team passed their Qualifier, and is headed to Syracuse in March for the Regional competition. UB has participated in the NECCDC for the past several years, and are now reaching out to area colleges to expand the competition.

The NECCDC competition is designed to test each student team’s ability to secure a networked computer system while maintaining standard business functionality. The scenario involves team members simulating a group of employees from an IT service company that will initiate administration of an IT infrastructure. The teams are expected to manage the computer network, keep it operational, and prevent unauthorized access.

Professor Katerinsky is looking for computer-savvy students to set up a study group that will help build a team to compete first at the local level, and eventually in the nationals. Colleges field a “blue” team that defends networks, and are in turn tested by the network attacks of a “red” team, made up of industry professionals experienced with network penetration testing. The industry and academic volunteers functioned as a “white” team, whose job is to ensure competition rules are adhered to throughout the event.  If you are interested in joining the study group, please contact and set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities.

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